Measure Your Metabolism

Your metabolism and how many calories you can expect to burn each day can be estimated based on your sex, age, weight, and activity level.
Are you male or female? Male Female
How much do you weigh? lbs
How old are you? years
What kind of activity level do you have?
Very Light You spend most of your time seated at your computer or in a cubicle and might do lab work or type most of the day. You might also do some cooking or sewing or other basic activites that don't require much activity such as playing board games.
Light Light activity might include walking casually such as waiting tables or house cleaning. Golfing may also be considered light activity as well as playing table tennis. Light activity is slightly above very light activity.
Moderate If you have ever ridden a bicycle for long periods of time then you would have been doing moderate activities. Other activites that can be considered moderate include skiing, playing tennis, dancing, and doing yard work such as hoeing.
Heavy Heavy activity is the most rigorous. Rowing a boat, playing sports such as basketball or soccer, and doing exhaustive manual labor such as digging ditches can be considered heavy activity. You will burn the most calories doing heavy activity.
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